Partnerships with agencies and brokers

Partnership with Flat Manager

Flat Manager works with all agencies and brokers on all ads for long-term rental and sale of real estate. We do not need to sign cooperation agreements, as we partner with everyone on the same transparent terms. Here they are:

  • Flat Manager does not charge commissions from tenants, buyers and those who represent them.  

  • Flat Manager does not give a commission to brokers and agencies.

  • Offering our properties to your clients is done only by sending a link to our listing to the client. You may not use photos, videos or information about the properties we represent in any way.

  • If you have a client who is interested in a property represented by us, please write to us at to schedule a viewing. 

Business Handshake
Image by Markus Winkler

Code of Ethics for Partnership with Flat Manager

We believe that a fruitful partnership is built on common values, ethics and trust. Here are our promises to you, we expect them to be reciprocal.  

  • We do not copy other people's listings and do not use photos, videos or information about properties that we do not represent.  

  • We do not post false advertisements, fake listings or misleading information.

  • We do not "skip" intermediaries and never try to "steal" someone's client.  

  • We put the interests of our clients before ours

  • We behave professionally and with respect for everyone