Invest successfully in residential properties with the help of Flat Manager

Investing in a property and buying a home have nothing in common. It is very likely that you will not like an apartment, but it will be the best investment opportunity on the market. 

Successful real estate investing requires patience and in-depth analysis of cash flows and the variables that affect them - location, interior, risks, market conditions and much more. 

Flat Manager will do this for you, according to your investment goal, thesis and capabilities. This is not a Monopoly game - you are investing your savings. Do it wisely and trust the professionals. 

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Flat Manager manages assets worth over 45 million euros

Dozens of properties purchased for investment purposes after consulting with us are managed by Flat Manager and generate high returns for their owners. 

If you want us to accompany you with consultations during the whole process, you pay a deposit of BGN 500, equal to 5 hours of consultations.  The deposit will be refunded if you buy a property within 3 months of the first consultation and entrust its management to Flat Manager. 


Our investment team is headed by Boris Pavlov - CEO of Flat Manager. He has over 10 years of experience in real estate and finance in Bulgaria, England, France and the United States. Boris is a lecturer at  events in the field and leads the course on real estate investment in Finance Academy .

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