Special offers

Modern Bedroom

Special offer!

350 BGN in free services until March 31st!

Get our short-term rental management services for your property in Sofia or Plovdiv before 31.03.2021 and get for free: 

professional photoshoot

MasterLock key safe box 

high quality linen and towels for 1 year if your property is in Sofia

deep clean from a professional cleaning company if your property is in Plovdiv

Why now?

Demand is outpacing supply

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit a lot of homeowners that previously listed their apartments on Airbnb fled the market and rented our their properties long term. The supply of short-term rentals was reduced in half.  

With spring just around the corner, rapid mass vaccination and the slow but steady return of travel we expect to host thousands of guests throughout the next months. They all prefer private accommodation as opposed to large hotels with a lot of other people and staff.

February, traditionally the worst month for the short term rental market, was marked by a record breaking occupancy rate of 71%. We are starting to run out of apartments to offer to our corporate clients and regular guests and tourists are about to start traveling really soon. Hence, the special offer! 

Property type?

Apartment in the city center with a great interior. 

A key success factor for any property is of course its location. The most suitable for short term renting properties are located in the center of the city, within a walking distance to the major city landmarks. In some cases properties located around the center can also generate higher returns.

The interior is another factor that impacts profitability. Suitable properties must have been recently renovated and the apartment should be bright, well-furnished, cozy and equipped with everything needed for a short stay.



350BGN in services if your property is managed by us 6 months or more.

  • The special offer applies to our short-term rental management service only. The management fee for this service is 20% (VAT included). You can see the general terms and conditions of the service here

  • The special offer is valid until 31.03.2021 and you must sign а contract prior to that date. However, if you need a week or two to finish furnishing and preparing the apartment that's fine, the special offer still applies as long as you've signed the contract and the apartment is ready by 15.04.2021. 

  • The special offer applies to the first 10 clients in Sofia and the first 10 in Plovdiv! Check our Facebook page regularly for updates.  

  • The special offer is valid for up to 2 apartments per client. 

  • If you terminate the management contract prior to 30.09.2021 you will have to pay 50% of the value of the services (175BGN). If you terminate the contract before 30.04.2021 you owe the entire amount of the services (350BGN). 

  • Flat Manager has the right to decline management services for properties that are not suitable for short term renting. Our goal has always been to optimize the profitability of properties; if we believe that long term renting will be more appropriate for a given property, we'd be happy to assist with that as well.