Property sales and long-term rentals with Flat Manager

We are thrilled to announce our new services for property sales and long-term rentals! Digital process, free for tenants and buyers and with the lowest fees for owners.

For nearly 5 years now we have been observing from the sidelines a fundamental problem with the functioning of the real estate market in Bulgaria. Not a month goes by without us seeing the photos of an apartment that we rent through Airbnb in one city, placed on an ad for long-term rent or sale in another city. "There was a misunderstanding… we copied the ad from colleagues…" - this is the standard answer. Unfortunately, misunderstandings of various kinds are observed in about 30% of existing real estate listings.

Fake and duplicate listings are only part of the bad practices on the market, which are caused by the lack of any standards and excessive competition. The business model where agencies charge both sides of a deal the maximum possible fee is now obsolete and the sector is facing a much-needed digitalisation, which is starting now.

We present FLATS.BG Version 1.0.

  • Free for buyers and tenants

  • Lowest on market fees for landlords and sellers, respectively 40% (excl. VAT) from a month's rent and 1.5% (excl. VAT) from the sale price

  • No brokers. Instead, we have a team of professionals working together on every deal

  • No fake listings - all properties are shot and described by our teams

  • Exact addresses in quality listings with photos, video and detailed information about the properties

  • Digital process, from viewing arrangement through contract signing

We made quite a few deals for purchase and sale and long-term rent of apartments, we tested different business models and we believe that we found the right solution. We start in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna and Burgas with a clear goal: digitalization of the real estate market.

Expect many promotions, innovative property marketing and the best customer service in Bulgaria! Do you have a property you want to sell or rent? Contact us on 0875 333 000, or via our website here.